Types Of Plastic Surgery For Men

Plastic Surgery For Men

The rate of men employing certain plastic surgery is increasing drastically from day today. Most often male plastic surgery is nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), male chest reduction, fat removal (liposuction), face and neck lift, and ear reshaping (Otoplasty).

The first part of any kind of male plastic surgery procedures includes consultation with your doctor. During the planning process for the surgery, your doctor will introduce you to all benefits and risks of plastic cosmetic surgery for men. Besides that, your doctor will ask questions about your general health, allergic reactions, and current intake of medicine, drugs, and alcohol and herbal supplements. The preparation process also includes a medical evaluation and you will be asked to make a lab test. Recently before the surgery, your doctor will take a photo of the part that is going to be treated.

Usually, male plastic surgery prices depend on the specific cosmetic surgery for men. The most affordable one is the breast reduction and the price depends on the length of the procedure and whether you have implants installed. The recovery process for any kind of male plastic surgery procedures can be critical in order to obtain final outcomes of the procedure. It is tremendously important to listen to your surgeon’s advice and orders such as: avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, avoiding heavy physical activities such as exercise, sport, and employing a healthy diet regimen. In the post-operative process is advisable to have a person that will stay with you after the procedure and does the basic stuff for you such as drive you after the procedure and take care of you.

Plastic surgery is a normal procedure that every contemporary man who cares about his body will employ without any doubt. If you are feeling insecure about some specific flaw on your body that can be fixed, don’t hesitate to utilize plastic surgery.

Types Of Plastic Surgery For Men

Most often male plastic surgery is nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), male chest reduction, fat removal (liposuction), face and neck lift, and ear reshaping (Otoplasty).

The reshaping of the nose or rinoplasty is performed under a general anesthesia and it takes up to 2 hours. The reshaping of the nose does not cause any damage or scarring of the skin. The benefits from this surgery are improved appearance of the entire face, improved breathing and higher self confidence. The recovery process from rinoplasty includes bandage to the treated area to reduce the swelling which will last up to one month.

The breast reduction is one day procedure performed under local anesthesia by using a liposuction technique to reduce the excess fat around the nipple area. The procedure normally takes 1 to 2 hours. The recovery process includes compression garnet and an elastic bandage to the operated area. The recovery may take for one month and the results will be visible after the swelling is reduced to a minimum.

The traditional face lifts include reducing the facial excess fat, tightening the muscles in the face and reducing the excess skin. The procedure of facial surgery includes liposuction of the localized fat deposit in the neck under the chin. The benefits from this procedure are reshaped neck and improvement of the skin. The post operative care includes compressing garnet on the treating area.

Hair replacement is another most often employed procedure by men. This procedure requires a prolonged time and multiplies surgical sessions with a slow and long recovery process. The entire regimen of hair transplants may last from 18 months to 2 years, the visible result can be noticed after 2 years and 3 months.

Any type of cosmetic surgery for men will improve the shape of the body, the vitality of the skin and most of all will boost your confidence. Cosmetic surgery for men will reduce the flaws that you have and will increase your self-esteem.