That Moment Sunglasses Get Creepy
That Moment Sunglasses Get Creepy

If there is one area of the fashion industry that is open to pretty outrageous designs, it’s sunglasses. What is arguably the most transient fashion accessory is open to strangeness simply because it can be changed so easily. If you buy a pair of sunglasses you don’t like, you just replace them.

Having said that, not every pair of sunglasses is worthy of spending time on your face. There are some downright creepy designs that might leave you cringing after just one look in the mirror. Then again, creepy might be your thing. If so, this time of year is the perfect time for exploring that side of your personality.

Creepy sunglasses are not the norm for companies like Salt Lake City’s Olympics. More often than not, they are considered novelty items best suited for Halloween costumes and theater productions. Nonetheless, you can buy creepy sunglasses year-round.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here is a sampling of some of the more creepy concepts you can find with a simple internet search:

1. Here’s Looking at Skulls

First in the creepy category are sunglasses sporting skulls on the lenses. You can buy them in multiple colors including black, gray, smoke, and even clear. Most of them really aren’t too bad to look at for the most part. If you have an aversion to skulls or skeletons though, you might want to look away.

2. Spiders, Spiders, and More Spiders

Remember Indiana Jones and his aversion to snakes? Some people have a similar aversion of spiders. If you are one of those people, stay away from the many different versions of spider lenses. You can buy a pair of aviators with orange lenses featuring a complete spider family on each one. Mama is surrounded by more than a dozen baby spiders all crawling around on a web.

Another creepy spider design features something that is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people: a spider hanging down from above on a single, silk string. Looking at that spider staring back at you would probably be enough to upset any arachnophobic friend or family member.

3. Witches and Ghosts

A little bit of searching reveals an entire inventory of sunglasses featuring witches and ghosts. One particular pair features a ghost with the moon over her shoulder. The images are mirrored on each of the two lenses, making for an especially creepy look in low light. You will swear those witches are alive.

4. Jack-O’-Lanterns

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are working our way up the creepy scale. Next on the list are jack-o’-lanterns. You can find everything from the happy jack-o’-lantern with the buck tooth to the angry jack-o’-lantern with fire in his eyes. Quite frankly, they are all creepy.

5. Bulging Eyeballs

The absolute creepiest design of all is the bulging eyeball design. And make no mistake, there are a lot of these out there. What makes them so creepy is the fact that you expect to see a person’s eyes when you look at their face. Science even suggests that the eyes are the first feature we look at when meeting someone new.

The challenge with these sunglasses is not freaking out when you first see them. Looking at a pair of bulging eyes staring back at you can be somewhat disconcerting if you’re not prepared for it.

It turns out that not every pair of sunglasses is suitable for a Paris runway. There are some truly creepy styles out there, styles that might lead some people to believe you’re a bit strange for wearing them.