Male Pattern Baldness – Busting Popular Myths and Choosing Appropriate Hair Regrowth Remedies

Looking up resources online for male pattern baldness (MPB) can be both rewarding as well as frustrating. There is so much information out there on hair regrowth remedies that it becomes very difficult looking for something that is specific to your condition. And if that wasn’t enough you also have to plod through numerous myths and half-truths surrounding MPB. If one website says something the other is quick to refute it and say something else. In such a scenario, who do you trust?

We’ve tried to explain two of the popular notions related to MPB and place the facts in front of you. Once you have a clear picture you will be able to treat hair loss problems afflicting you better.


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Male Pattern Baldness is passed down from the Mother’s Side

What nonsense! If you’ve been cursing your mother’s father all these years for your pattern baldness, honestly, the poor chap didn’t deserve it. According to researchers, there isn’t a single hair loss gene that comes to you from your mother’s side of the family. In fact, they believe that pattern baldness is caused by the interaction of several genes that are inherited from both your parents. So, stop being so hard on your mother’s side of the family!

Poor Blood Flow leads to Pattern Baldness

Paul McAndrews, MD, hair restoration surgeon, certified dermatologist, and clinical professor at the University Of California School Of Medicine is quick to reassure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Blood supply to the scalp cannot be restricted by wearing tight caps or hats. Don’t listen to anyone who wants to wreck your personal style statement.

As you can see, there are a lot of weird notions doing the rounds of the internet. You must invest some time to understand the real cause of male pattern baldness, after which you should look for an FDA-approved treatment to grow back your hair.

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