Life can be so much easier and more enjoyable if we are positive. Things fall into place, we accomplish goals and we are healthier and happier! When you are not feeling it, there are a few simple ways of changing your thinking that will help you become more positive.

Firstly, believe in and go after your own success. Your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything. If you think you can succeed then you can. Your belief in your own ability to succeed is essential and does not only motivate you to keep going – you have to believe that you can achieve something to do it and how you will do it will then present itself along the way.

Whatever you focus on persistently you will find in your world, so be careful what you focus on. Remind yourself to keep your focus on what you want to achieve and people who can help you reach your goals.

Once you believe and know what you want, do some planning and then take action immediately despite what excuses or other negative things your thoughts and emotions may put up in your way. Know that they may just want to protect you from uncertainty and risks. But also know that you are in charge of them and not the other way around.

Secondly, persist! Persistence might not exactly be the best sounding quality. It might not sell a lot of products to people looking for the magic pill. But it is an immensely helpful quality to develop and put to use. If you fail, you dust yourself off and try again. If the success you are looking for does not come that quickly, then you have to persist. Persistence may be one of the most useful qualities one can have – Not only because you will be achieving things when a lot of other people have given up, but also because developing patience and being persistent will enable you to get what you really want. It may just take a little longer than you had hoped for.

Lastly, take responsibility for your own life. When we are kids adults take care of us, they take responsibility. But to become an adult, one has to take responsibility for oneself. There is no other way. Letting someone else take the responsibility or blame may be easier on you, but without taking responsibility for yourself how can you be free and achieve your goals? How can you really live up to your own potential and dreams? It can be hard to break out of the comfort zone, but if you do not then you will be trapped by other people’s standards, expectations and limitations. You have to set your own rules for your life and go for your goals!

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