How Much Do It Cost to Remove a Tattoo
How Much Do It Cost to Remove a Tattoo

A significant part of the millennial population loves getting tattoos. But the shocking part is about 25% of those people also want to remove it! The problem with removing a tattoo is that if it has cost you about $75 to make it, it’s going to take a considerable amount of about $1000 to remove! Well, that is just a hypothetical number, and there are a lot of factors the actual price depends upon. There are different ways which one can opt for removing a tattoo, but the most popular one is using laser technology. Let’s see in detail all the techniques, and we will move forward to the tattoo removal cost.

Different Techniques to Remove a Tattoo

1) Laser Tattoo Removal

The advanced treatment is designed to remove a tattoo with minimum side effects. The tattoos can be eliminated without any scars or fewer chances of pigmentation. The high intensity of the laser light helps in dissolving the pigment used while making the tattoo. If one has used black dye, it can be removed with all lasers because it absorbs lights from all wavelengths. However, if someone has used a different color to make the tattoo, specific lasers have to be used to remove the tattoo. The pigmentation is broken into tiny particles when the light enters the top layers of the skin. It can be painful at times, and one can always opt for local anesthesia if necessary.

2) Intense Pulsed Light

This also involves removing the tattoo ink by injecting pulses of light inside the skin. Many people claim this method to be more effective and less painful. However, this method is costlier than laser tattoo removal.

3) Surgical Excision

This is a painful method, in which the tattoo is cut from the skin, and then the skin grows back after a particular time. It also leaves a scar.

4) Dermabrasion

The part of the surface where the tattoo was made is sanded away and thus, leaves a scar in the place.

5) Take-Home Treatments

You can also use ointments and lotions to fade the tattoo away, but it will not remove the tattoo completely. A lighter shade of the tattoo will always remain on the body.

Factors Affecting the Price

The amount that will be needed to remove the tattoo completely depends on the number of sessions that you will be taking because the trained professionals usually charge per session. The number of sessions depends upon the following factors:

1) Size of the tattoo

The bigger the tattoo, the more number of sessions it will take.

2) The color of the tattoo

If it’s black, you will need fewer sessions. If the shade is light, it’s also going to take fewer sessions. But more colors means more sessions.

3) Type of ink used

The deeper the ink, the more sessions.

4) Old or new tattoo

If the tattoo is old, the color will fade away and it will take fewer sessions. Fresh tattoos take a longer time.

The number of sessions varies from about 15-20, and one might expect a cost of $200 to $500 per treatment session if it’s laser tattoo removal. If you have a turquoise tattoo, the number of sessions will be even more, and hence; more will be the tattoo removal cost.